The Fallen Sun by David R. Grigg

Title:  The Fallen Sun

Author:  David R. Grigg

Reviewer:  Shelley Russell Nolan

Synopsis:  A world where the sun never sets; where there is no day and no night; and where shadows never move. Beyond an oasis of light, the freezing outer darkness stretches far away.

In this strange environment we follow the stories of three remarkable young people.

Together, these three must struggle to save their world. And in saving it, they change it and themselves forever.

Review:  This was an enjoyable read with likeable characters and plenty of conflict and tension to keep me reading as Candens, Campana and Adura became swept up in a conspiracy that would rock the foundations of their world. Set long after an apocalyptic event, the inhabitants of Sunfall have lost all knowledge of the civilisation that came before them. With the light of a constant sun beating down on their section of the world, they have adapted in such a way that they have segregated into clans, jealously guarding their secrets from one another. But secrets have a way of being uncovered, as the main characters soon discover.

Told from three points of view, the story starts with Candens, before his sister and the young woman he is pledged to are also drawn into his troubles. While there were times I shook my head at their actions, unable to believe they could be so blind to what was happening around them, it didn’t distract from the story overall. But for me the real star was the world building. It flowed seamlessly, making me believe that there could one day be a society like this, living in such a harsh and yet beautiful environment. The way the inhabitants dealt with the difficulties of a world where the sun shone constantly was imaginative and thoughtful, as was the designation of the citizens as Brights or Dims, based on their status. All the little hints about the past were also seamlessly woven in. In all, this was a fun read that would be sure to delight any fan of post-apocalyptic fantasy.

Rating: 4 stars

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