Review of The Star of Fate by David T Myers

Reviewer:  Shelley Russell Nolan

Synopsis:  When a gift from the gods goes missing, there will be hell to pay!
Lando Bailey’s life changed the moment he touched the Star of Fate. The once bankrupt businessman now possesses assets he doesn’t remember buying, money he never earned and has expertise and skills that he never trained to learn. Then there are the visions warning of impending death and destruction. Visions he fears may soon become a reality.
As Lando scrambles to understand what the Star has done to him, he encounters monsters both human and supernatural. Each with their own agenda, and all willing to kill anyone who stops them from recovering the Star.   
If you like urban fantasy laced with Greek mythology, you won’t want to miss the Star of Fate.

Review:  Having read the novella prequel for this series a while ago I was interested to find out what happened next for Shilpy. But this story introduces a new character who is thrust headlong into the world of the Fates. I wasn’t sure if I liked Lando at first, as the first scene has him gambling as a way to repay debts he has incurred thanks to an unscrupulous business partner. Life goes from bad to worse for Lando when he has an encounter with a mysterious woman and his life spirals even more out of control.

I admit to being just as confused as Lando as events unfold and he becomes embroiled in an ages old battle between rival families and faces supernatural forces. As he struggles to regain control of his life and is surround by enemies and untrustworthy allies, Lando is forced to choose a side and finds out some hard truths about who he was and what he has the potential to become as he confronts his enemy.

It took a while for this story to grab me, but when it did it made for a worthwhile read. I liked watching as Lando transformed from the man who could get nothing right to a man willing to risk his life for those he cared about. There were some nice twists and turns, some of them easier to see coming than others. The ultimate bad guy, Dusk, was kind of one dimensional, but as this was really Lando’s story then that didn’t bother me too much. In all, I enjoyed this book and would like to see where the series goes next.Rating:  4

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