Review of The Gifts of Fate by David T Myers

Title:  The Gifts of Fate: A Star of Fate Novella

Author:  David T Myers

Reviewer:  Shelley Russell Nolan

Synopsis:  When dark forces threaten the fates of Gods and men, a troubled psychic may be their only hope. 

Shilpy Chopra finally has the ordinary life she always dreamed of: a quiet job at a Sydney bookstore, good friends, and then there’s Dusk – her perfect and devoted boyfriend. Except Shilpy is a seer, and able to see things that are far from ordinary. 

When a figure from Dusk’s past visits she discovers that her safe and ordinary life is more fragile than she thought. She finds herself stuck in the middle of a secret war between two families, and an older feud between the forgotten goddesses of Fate and Discord. She will risk everything to rescue Dusk, but can she save him from himself? 

If you like edge of your seat suspense, complex characters and urban fantasy fiction, you’ll love the Gifts of Fate.

Review:  This was an interesting read, with plenty of drama and action, and loads of conflict. Shilpy is a troubled heroine with a hidden past, and the story is fleshed out by a host of dark side characters with disturbing secrets of their own. I liked getting a glimpse into the world of the Fates and to watch as Shilpy’s visions set her on a path that gets increasingly murkier, with her surety of who the good guys are wavering.

The story set a fast pace, and certainly ticked all the boxes for a good read, but I didn’t really connect with Shilpy. That meant for me it was hard going at times to stay invested in the action. It also wasn’t clear to me why she cared for Dusk so much, considering their interactions. But in all it was an enjoyable quick read for those looking for something a little different to the standard urban fantasy.

Rating:  4

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