Kel E. Fox

Kel E Fox ran an apothecary in a past life, was a stage technician in the theatre before she finally embraced writing in this life and hopes to be a wizard in the next. She is now part of what might be the world’s only antisocial marketing team at Outfoxed Media and is working on her debut release The Lightning Event, the first of a YA-ish SF-esque trilogy about a girl who gets struck by lightning, develops superpowers, stumbles into a global conspiracy and meets an alien god all in the same day. Kel lives in Perth, Australia with her life (and ballroom dancing) partner, two lazy cats and a wilful young Alaskan Malamute named after Nighteyes.

Kel writes fabulous reviews for Aussie Speculative Fiction, and her short story ‘The Inheritance Experiment‘ was published in our ‘Beginnings‘ anthology. As it happens, The Inheritance Experiment is a sort of prequel to The Lightning Event, so if you enjoy your read there, you just might like the trilogy too! The Lightning Event is due for release in 2019, all going well. You can keep up to date on Kel’s news and nonsense by subscribing to her newsletter (which she hasn’t written yet) at or find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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