Jocelyn Spark

Many authors claim influence from greats such as Poe, Hemingway and Austen. But author, Jocelyn Spark, lives by the words of the greatest philosopher of all time—Dr. Seuss. According to Dr. Seuss, fantasy is a necessary ingredient in life, and, with a zest for life and enthusiasm for all things crazy, you will always find a touch of fantasy in Jocelyn’s writing. Not only is Jocelyn an author, she is a teacher, mother, wife, cake decorator, failing gardener and a poor excuse of a basketballer. She is also one of the founding members of ASF and can’t quite remember what it’s like to have free time. But busy is better than bored. Follow her at

Jocelyn’s short story, ‘Remember Me‘ was published in Aussie Speculative Fiction’s anthology, ‘Beginnings‘ in November 2018. ASF also published her flash fiction piece ‘Sight‘ in April 2019.

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