Carleton Chinner

Carleton Chinner is the author of the Cities of the Moon series of science fiction novels and a reviewer for the Aussie Speculative Fiction Review. He is an Australian born writer who grew up on a remote farm in South Africa, where the trip to the town library was the highlight of his week. He devoured anything science fiction, fantasy and horror. And, when that wasn’t enough, turned to urban legend and traditional tribal histories which combined to provide a heady brew of stories.

He settled in Australia as an adult but not before turning up unarmed at a gunfight, discovering dead bodies and fighting off sharks while spearfishing.

Here is a review of Carleton’s recent novel, Plato Crater, an excellent sci-fi read.

Aussie Speculative Fiction published Carleton’s flash fiction piece ‘Forgotten‘ in December 2018. In 2019 ‘Flickers of Light‘ was published in February and ‘After the Tide‘ was published in June.

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