Upcoming New Releases (March to April)

There are some fantastic Speculative Fiction releases coming out between now and March. Here are a few exciting new releases to make space in your TBR pile for!

Before we get into those, there were two books released late February that are worth a read so let’s start with STORIES OF HOPE and EMOTO’S PROMISE.

February 27th: STORIES OF HOPE (Aussie Speculative Fiction).

STORIES OF HOPE: A Bushfire Relief Anthology is a speculative fiction anthology that is about to be released by Aussie Speculative Fiction, featuring short stories by authors from New Zealand and Australia.

This collection has been put together by people who wanted to do something to help the people, communities and animals impacted by the devastating fires, with all proceeds going to the Australian Red Cross and the WWF Bushfire Emergency Fund.

Make sure you get your copy here, and tell your friends!

February 29th: EMOTO’S PROMISE by Shel Calopa.

500 years after the Rise…

The last remaining humans have become numans, dangerously enslaved by a virtual world called the BigDry.

Wall Manager Macie is an ‘incompatible,’ unable to assimilate with numan technology due to a disability. As a lowly human, her job is to patch the cracks in the wall that encircles DarwinTwo, protecting the city from the encroaching sea water.

When numans embark on a dangerous step which will change mankind forever, Macie’s job becomes obsolete. There is no room in DarwinTwo for those who don’t fit in.

But perhaps that’s exactly what numanity needs.

EMOTO’S PROMISE is part of the Drowned Earth series, made up of eight standalone novellas by eight Australian authors. Click here to check out this story, or go to Aussie Speculative Fiction‘s page (or even here) for the whole series!


London, the 1860s. Steam technology has advanced tremendously since the invention of the caloric converter, a device that can extract heat from coal and store it in liquid form. Gladys Dunchurch is a clever, cantankerous Australian music hall performer who has sought her fortune on the London stage, only to find herself working for Gruffydd Pritchard, a drunken and unsuccessful stage magician.

Gruffydd has one great advantage as a magician – a wand that can teleport people across short distances. When Gruffydd goes missing, Gladys searches for him, and runs into ‘Charlie’ Decharles. Charlie is a well-meaning but foolish aristocrat, who woke up one morning in a steam-cab to find the driver murdered, and has resolved to find the murderer.


March 1st: DRIVE, SHE SAID AND OTHER STORIES by Tracie McBride.

A collection of horror and dark fantasy short stories. The themes and settings are diverse, but one common thread runs through the stories-they all feature women. Women as protagonists. Women as doomed heroines. Women as villains, mothers and spinsters, wives and prostitutes, sisters and witches. And in some stories, monsters in feminine form.

Get your copy of DRIVE, SHE SAID here, or go to IFWG Publishing Australia for more!

March 1st: THE ZOOKEEPER’S TALES OF INTERSTELLAR ODDITIES by Aiki Flinthart and Pamela Jeffs.

The galaxy is a strange place full of weird creatures and even weirder sentient beings.

See it through the eyes of four outcasts, banished to Asteri Station on the fringes of the Hegemon Economic Alliance. Absinthe Krull, the Aquanorian with a dark past who runs the bar on the Asteri. Ori Bligh, a young Terran whose life of privilege has been destroyed by a stupid mistake she’s desperate to put right. Zev Smith, maintenance master for the station, in hiding for forty years for a poor decision; and Cordelia Bane, bounty hunter with a stack of debts to clear.

When first Ori then Cordelia arrive on Asteri, the stories they hear at the Zoo slowly reveal not only the oddities all four have encountered in their travels, but also things all four would prefer left in the shadows of the past.

Fourteen stories from all corners of the galaxy and covering five hundred years of history. If you love science fiction, weird west, humour, and darkness, then THE ZOOKEEPER’S TALES OF INTERSTELLAR ODDITIES will keep you pinned to your seat.

Join award-shortlisted, best-selling authors Pamela Jeffs and Aiki Flinthart on a wild ride into the future of Terran galactic expansion. Discover all the strangeness waiting out there right here.

March 3rd: THE VANISHING DEEP by Astrid Scholte.

Two sisters. One dangerous secret. Twenty-four hours to uncover the truth.

Seventeen-year-old Tempest was born into a world of water. The most skilled diver on the Equinox Reef, she searches drowned cities with her older sister Elysea, seeking out old world treasures to trade for Notes. After Elysea mysteriously drowns, Tempest scavenges the ruins alone, driven to collect enough Notes to buy her sister’s life for 24 hours, and to finally learn the secret she had kept until her last breath.

However, once revived, Elysea convinces Tempest to break her out of the Palindromena research facility and they embark on a dangerous journey to discover the truth about their parents’ death. But they’re pursued by two Palindromena employees desperate to find them before Elysea’s time is up, and to prevent them from uncovering the secrets behind the revival process and the true cost of restored lives.

Dead or living, everyone must pay the price.

Get your copy of THE VANISHING DEEP here.

March 11th: WHITECHAPEL JUSTICE by Natasja Rose.

Jack the Ripper terrorised the streets of Whitechapel until the killings stopped as suddenly as they started.

Police were baffled; had the Ripper left the area, or been scared off? Who was he and how had he stayed ahead of the law? Why had he targeted the women? The cases remained unsolved, and history would never know more than rumour and suspicion.

Only a select few would ever know the truth. The streets of Whitechapel take care of their own… To get your copy of WHITECHAPEL JUSTICE A Jack the Ripper Novella, click here!

March 13th: WOLF OF CHOICE by Shay Laurent.

An impossible truth discovered. A perilous journey ahead. A deadly decision to be made.

Almost sixteen, Elita White is finally at Lupine Academy where she belongs and ready to Shift for the first time when a devastating discovery turns her whole life upside down. Distressed but determined, she scrambles to uncover the truth, only to inadvertently unleash devastation on her Pack.

Far from her new home, Elita is faced with a decision that will change not only her own destiny, but the fate of the world. That is, if she can make it out alive…

WOLF OF CHOICE is the first novel in The Shifters and Sorceresses Trilogy, a young adult epic fantasy series. Get your copy here.

March 14th: ARIES (Deadset Press).

A vendetta between a teenager and her dad’s stubborn ram continues into the afterlife. The Persephone’s crew find trouble in a seedy bar in the Arietis sector. Audrey finds herself the guest of a coven of goat-worshipping witches.

ARIES is a collection of twisted poems and dark stories inspired by this fascinating Zodiac sign, as well as retellings of the myths behind the sign. The tales span multiple genres, including science fiction, horror, and fantasy, and are told by award-winning authors and new stars of the Australian and New Zealand speculative fiction scene.

Get your copy here, and check out the other three in the series, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

March 31st: KEY TO THE KINGDOM (Black Hare Press).

KEY TO THE KINGDOM: Sword and Sorcery Volume 1 is the first in a series of sword and sorcery anthologies by Black Hare Press, featuring stories by authors around the world, including Cecelia Hopkins-Drewer with ‘The Princess of Trees’, D.J. Elton with ‘The Witch who Would be Queen’, Sam M. Phillips with ‘Azkomar’, Stephen Herczeg with ‘The Chalice of Ethelred’ and Zoey Xolton with ‘A Curse of Blood and Gold’. Get your copy of what is sure to be a great collection here!

March 31st: MONSTROUS HEART by Claire McKenna.

This is gothic, epic, romantic fantasy at it’s very best; a tale of magic, intrigue on dangerous waters and a love story for the ages.

Arden Beacon arrives in the salt-swept port of Vigil with a job to do. Tasked with using the magic in her blood to keep the lighthouse burning, she needs to prove herself worthy of her family name and her ancestors’ profession.

But the coastline Arden must keep alight – battered by a sea teeming with colossal, ancient beasts – is far from the cultured, urban world she knows. It is a place of secrets, rumours and tight-lipped expectations of a woman’s place. More than anyone, the town folk whisper about Arden’s neighbour, Jonah Riven, the hunter of leviathans. They say he murdered his wife. They say he is as much a monster as his prey.

Click here to get your copy of MONSTROUS HEART, a gothic tale of intrigue on high seas and a love story for the ages.

April: ESCAPE TO EDEN by Jonathan Griffiths.

The year is 2217 and every intelligence agency on Earth is preparing for the reopening of the portals to Eden.

Earth’s population is nearly five billion, resources are running low and all the major powers are running out of places to store their radioactive waste.

This could spell the end of Eden as we know it.
ESCAPE TO EDEN is the third book in the Eden series, out soon. Find out more here.

April 1st: DOG TOWN by DL Richardson.

DOG TOWN is an adventure story, filled with wonderful animal characters.

Harry loves to race around the streets of Dog Town. When he stumbles upon the lost city of cats, he finds himself in a race against Dog Town’s fastest canine, Grizzly. The winner of this race will have the power to save Cat World, or destroy it.

Harry wants to win, but there is one small problem. The race is in the ocean, and Harry is terribly afraid of water.

Can Harry overcome his fear of water in time to save Cat World?

With its anthropomorphized characters, “Dog Town” is an ideal book for parents, teachers, or students to read out loud in class, on stage, or at home. Pre-order your copy here!

April 23rd: JIBBERNOCKY (Black Hare Press)

Not suitable for scaredy-cat adults, JIBBERNOCKY contains monsters, snarks, Alice in Wonderland retellings, Jabberwocky-inspired poems, fairies, dancing elephants and talking mice.

Thrilling, creepy, funny, and spooky! This collection contains stories and poems inspired by the greatest children’s authors of our time. Perfect bedtime stories (to be read by torchlight from under your blanket) for young readers aged 8 to 12.

All profits to Books in Homes (Australia and USA). Books in Homes is a charitable foundation that provides books-of-choice to children living in remote, disadvantaged and low socio-economic circumstances, ensuring crucial early literacy engagement and the development of reading skills needed for lifelong achievement. Make sure you pre-order a copy here.

There are some great books about to be published by some wonderful Australian authors! Don’t forget to pre-order or mark as ‘to read’ on Goodreads if they appeal to you.

If you’re an Aussie (or Kiwi) author and you have a book coming out soon, join our facebook group and tell us about it.

We look forward to sharing with you more news and reviews of Speculative Fiction written by amazing Aussie and Kiwi authors, so please keep coming back!

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