Upcoming Book Releases (January to February)

There are some fantastic Speculative Fiction releases coming out between now and February. Here are a few to make space in your TBR pile for! But before we get into those, there was a book released late December that’s worth a read – THE JINDABYNE SECRET – so let’s start with that!

December 26th: THE JINDABYNE SECRET by Jo Hart.

After the oceans rose, survivors migrated in-land. Fresh water is now scarce and rationed out to the settlements from secret, highly protected facilities. But the rations are not enough and the communities are slowly dying.

19-year-old Jax treks to the marketplace in hopes of trading for some hydro-canisters, instead he’s given an opportunity to give his family a fighting chance at survival.

With nothing but a map and a rickety solar truck, Jax journeys to a top-secret government facility at Lake Jindabyne—one of the few freshwater lakes left in Australia. He encounters feral goats, a teenage girl with one hell of a punch, and deadly government soldiers. He discovers an idyllic community for a privileged few who never have to worry about lack of water.

Outraged by the injustice of these people having excess water while his family suffers from dehydration, Jax hatches a plan. At first he starts small—stealing just enough water to ease the parched tongues back home—but with each trip the risks he takes become greater. It is only a matter of time before he gets caught. And the penalty for hydro-theft is death.

THE JINDABYNE SECRET is part of the Drowned Earth series, made up of eight standalone novellas by eight Australian authors. Here’s the link for THE JINDABYNE SECRET, and you can have a look at the rest of the Drowned Earth series here!

January 7th: OASIS by Katya de Becerra.

In this young adult thriller for fans of Lost and The Twilight Zone, a group of teens are saved when they come across a mysterious oasis. But who will save them from the oasis?

Alif had exciting summer plans: working on her father’s archeological dig site in the desert with four close friends. . . and a very cute research assistant. Then the sandstorm hit.

Their camp wiped away, Alif and the others find themselves lost on the sands, seemingly doomed. . . until they find the oasis. It has everything they need: food, water, and shade—and mysterious ruins that hide a deadly secret. As reality begins to shift around them, they question what’s real and what’s a mirage.

The answers turn Alif and her friends against each other, and they begin to wonder if they’ve truly been saved. And while it was easy to walk into the oasis, it may be impossible to leave. . .

De Becerra wowed us all with her wonderful 2019 debut, What The Woods Keep, so this is a book you won’t want to miss! Here’s the link to Macmillain and here’s the Amazon link.

January 13th: BREAKING THE SURFACE by Rebecca Langham

Alessia is an Outsider—a member of the not-quite-human community that has recently been released from their underground prison. Shortly after their liberation, Alessia is given an ultimatum: obey all the United Earth Alliance’s demands, or her mother will forever remain a hostage—a mother she’d believed dead for fifteen years. Reluctantly, she agrees, though she has no idea what those demands may be, or how she will balance her obligations to the UEA with her responsibilities to her people and her family.

As the UEA tightens its grip on humans and Outsiders alike, it becomes clear that meaningful social change will not be possible without a revolution. Alessia and her peers embark on a mission to discover just how far the government is willing to go to maintain their monopoly on power.

What Alessia and her comrades discover, however, goes much deeper than they’d ever anticipated. Who are the Outsiders, really? What secrets of their destiny lay hidden within a top-secret space station? And why are the Outsiders linked to an emerging disease the UEA seems desperate to keep secret? As they delve deeper, it isn’t only Alessia’s identity that will be called into question, but the fate of the entire planet. BREAKING THE SURFACE is out through NineStar Press on Jan 13th, and here’s the link!

January 14th: PRIDE (Seven Deadly Sins Book 1) by Black Hare Press

Pride goeth before destruction, And a haughty spirit before a fall.

Dark and twisted tales of corrupt selfishness fill the pages of Black Hare Press’ first ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ anthology. This collection features storied by authors from all over the world, including Bella’s Mirror by D.J. Elton, The Ravencroft Reunion by Dannielle Viera, The Completist by Hari Navarro, Knot for Fame by Jo Seysener, Obstructive Gaze by K.L. Webber, Never Seen by Kelly Matsuura, Hubris in Retrograde by Mike Adamson, Picked Her Up Again by Neen Cohen, Supply Run by Rhiannon Bird, I’ll See You On the Other Side by Stephen Herczeg and The Fallen: Pride of the Dragon by Zoey Xolton.
Click here for the link!

January 18th: AQUARIUS (The Zodiac Series #2) by Aussie Speculative Fiction

AQUARIUS is the second in a series of speculative fiction anthologies inspired by the signs of the Zodiac.

It is a collection of twisted poems and dark stories inspired by the sign of Aquarius, as well as retellings of the myths behind the sign. The tales span multiple genres, including science fiction, horror, fantasy, dystopian and urban fantasy, told by some award-winning authors and new stars of the Australian and New Zealand speculative fiction scene.

Go here to get your copy!

January 21st: WINTER MASQUERADE by Kevin Klehr

Ferris wakes on the Sea Queen, an enchanted cruise ship sailing on a chocolate sea. He has no idea how he got here, but he desperately wants to go home to his boyfriend.

The alchemist is the only person who can help Ferris, but he’s been kidnapped. The ransom is high tea with scones and jam.

Meanwhile, the passengers are gearing up for the Winter Masquerade, a ball where love and magic reign.

With a murderous musician, an absent boyfriend, and a mystical party, Ferris soon learns that Wednesday is not the day to fall in love. WINTER MASQUERADE is coming soon, get your tickets here!

January 31st: RIVER OF DIAMONDS by S. M. Isaac

A mechanic who can save the world.
A mercenary who should hide from it.
Just another day living the dream in post-Rise Australia.

Rosa is a mechanic living in the Otway Ranges, in one of the last idyllic settlements left after the Rise flooded the coastlines. Unlike those in other communities, Rosa has grown up with access to ample food, fresh water, and safety—but there is a secret that keeps this community sustainable, one that the leaders aren’t willing to share.

Rosa isn’t content with hiding away and keeping resources to herself, so when she finds a map that could lead to a fortune in fresh water—a scarce commodity—she embarks on a plan to make a real difference to the world. The only problem? There’s an apocalyptic wasteland between her and possible salvation.

Rosa has a map, a mercenary, and a hope to salvage the future.

RIVER OF DIAMONDS is part of the Drowned Earth series, made up of eight standalone novellas by eight Australian authors. Click here to check it out on Goodreads. Links will be provided when they are available.

February 11th: Darkly Ever After by Zoey Zolton.

Darkly Ever After is the debut collection of best-selling Australian author Zoey Xolton.

Between these pages you’ll find an alluring array of original dark fantasy, paranormal romance, ancient mythology and timeless fairy tale retellings.
Here, darkness reigns—but even in the dark there is hope.
Embrace the shadows and revel in your very own delicious Darkly Ever Afters. . .
Vampires, witches, ghosts, angels, demons, queens, princesses, fae, elves, gods and goddesses await!

Whether you seek microfiction, flash fiction or short stories this beautiful collection has it all, so pre-order it now!

There are some great books about to be published by some wonderful Australian authors! Don’t forget to pre-order or mark as ‘to read’ on Goodreads if they appeal to you. If you still want more Aussie Spec Fic books, have a look at the Reviews page on our website!

If you’re an Aussie (or Kiwi) author and you have a book coming out soon, join our facebook group and tell us about it.

We look forward to sharing with you more news and reviews of Speculative Fiction written by amazing Aussie and Kiwi authors, so please keep coming back!

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