Upcoming Book Releases (October to November)

There are some fantastic Speculative Fiction releases coming out between October and November – here are a few to make space in your TBR pile for!

Releasing October 1st: DEEP SPACE by Black Hare Press.

Travel through the universe discovering the possibilities of the unknown and exploring the infinite worlds of the future…and sometimes the past.

Twenty talented authors bring you a dynamic collection of science fiction and space epics in one amazing collection.

Featured authors include: Adam Bennett, Sam M. Phillips, Stephen Herczeg, Zoey Xolton and many more.

Discover who shares the universe with us… because we’re not alone…

If you want to explore what is sure to be an amazing collection, go here!

Releasing October 5th: THE ELDER TRIALS by Marc and James Lindsay.

In the Viking village of Greytree, Astrid Mace is different. She is unaware of her roots, her troubled entry into the world and the powers she possesses. Powers she will need if her village is to survive The Elder Trials.

All 13 of the Neophytes (children turning 13) in the village must compete and complete in 13 trials. Can the three Lords who rule over Greytree be trusted? What are the Druid’s true motives? Will she uncover the reason behind Erik’s anger and animosity? When Greytree is attacked by the Skollreaver Clan will Astrid find her powers, and will they be enough to save those she loves?

To find the answer to all these compelling questions, grab a copy of THE ELDER TRIALS, book one of The Raven’s Prophecy from Amazon! This series sounds fantastic!

Releasing October 6th: FIGHT LIKE A GIRL by Aiki Flinthart.

Women are not men with mammaries. They don’t approach, handle, or react to violence in the same way. 

Aiki Flinthart is a long-time martial artist, archer, knife-thrower, assault-survivor, and author of 11+ novels – all with kick-ass heroines and heroes. 

You should come away with an excellent understanding of the differences between males and females, how they fight, react, and think. What weapons and techniques work well for smaller physiques. How it feels to be involved in a fight. 

You’ll also get a deep understanding of how to apply that knowledge to an actual fight scene. A step by step guide to how to write and pace your fight scene, word choices, foreshadowing, character arcs, and how to pack an emotional punch.

No, FIGHT LIKE A GIRL: Writing Fight Scenes for Female Characters is not the latest in Flinthart’s Kalima Chronicles of the Ruadhan Side series, but is a book designed to help other writers with their craft. Here’s the link!

Releasing October 7th: MATERNAL INSTINCT by Rebecca Bowyer.

Australia 2040. No child lives in poverty and every child is safe. But at what cost?
19-year-old Monica never wanted a baby but the laws require her to give birth twice before she can move on with her life.

Now that her first son, Oscar, has arrived she’s not so sure she wants to hand him over to be raised by professional parents: the Maters and Paters.

When Monica turns to her birth mother, Alice, for help, she triggers a series of events that force Alice to confront her own dark past. Alice must decide – help her daughter break the law, or persuade her to accept her fate and do what’s best for the nation’s children?

October can’t come quickly enough, this book sounds amazing! Here’s the link to Amazon where you can pre-order it!

Releasing October 8th: WICKED WINGS by Keri Arthur.

After dealing with the fallout of a shape-shifting, fire-throwing demon, Lizzie, Belle, and Aiden are hoping the reservation will finally catch a break from the constant influx of evil. Those hopes are quickly dashed when Lizzie comes across the scent of evil and tracks it back to the clean-picked bones of a man.

As it quickly becomes obvious that this is not a one-off situation and there’s now a demon with a taste for human flesh on the reservation, another problem arises in the form of a White Lady—a ghost not only seeking bloody revenge, but demanding Belle’s assistance to get it.

But the greatest threat of all might be the witch who is a magical bloodhound. A witch who’s been sent to the reservation to by one Clayton Marlowe… Lizzie’s husband.

If that’s left you wanting more, go here and pre-order a copy of WICKED WINGS, Lizzie Grace book 5! You won’t regret it!

Releasing October 10th: THE KEEPER by Nikky Moyes.

In THE KEEPER, the first book of the Suri Series, 17-year-old Cassie never wanted to participate in the reality tele-program. She’d rather be making animal documentaries than be courted by three princes from rival planets each with their own agenda. But when Cassie’s crush, zoological researcher Dennian tricks his way into the competition, she may not need her back-up escape plan.

Dennian is used to keeping quiet, but as the competition takes a dangerous turn and contestants are forced to face their greatest fears, the secrets that have kept him alive are revealed, but why is Dennian afraid of the Keeper?

The Keepers of the Dragon Temple have advised Governor Suri, ruler of the Universe, for a thousand years. Here’s the pre-order link!

Releasing October 14th: The Long Road Back by Bryce Euston.

In the far distant future, mankind has travelled far amongst the stars, colonising a galaxy wide network of planets.

When a massive supanova renders interstellar travel impossible and blacks out all interplanetary communications, the youngest colonies on the furthermost reaches of space are cut off and begin to back slide into more primitive states.

Centuries later, the survey vessel Audacious hopes to reestablish contact with one such world, now ruled by a brutal theocracy.

To get your copy of this Sci-Fi story, follow this link!

Releasing October 14th: THE GIRL IN THE MIRROR by Jenny Blackford.

According to publisher Eagle Books, “It’s gripping and original middle-grade novel which is a mix of time slip, ghost story and mystery.”

“A wonderful story, with creepiness lurking in the corners, to startle you and make you look twice next time you go past a mirror. Jenny Blackford has created a time-shifting, spine-tingling winner with THE GIRL IN THE MIRROR.”

Sounds rather intriguing, doesn’t it? Here’s the link to the publisher’s website to find out more!

Releasing October 31st: SHADOWS OF A NIGHTMARE by Scott G. Gibson.

This is a short story collection to haunt your nightmares and end the world as you know it.
These chilling tales are not ashamed of visceral horror, of blood splashing freely across the page:

“The Rage”, a grisly apocalyptic tale where a viral plague of anger overcomes humans; “Meat Market”, about a killer monster who preys on gym-junkies to eat their well-toned flesh; “The Ghost”, a harrowing supernatural tale about a man who is haunted by the world’s most murderous spirit; “Alien Invasion”, a story of extra-terrestrial beings taking over the world; “The Man in the Van” shows us what happens when an amateur sleuth tries to save his girlfriend from a vicious kidnapper; plus many more.

This is definitely a must-read for anyone who likes a healthy dose of horror and gore. Here’s the link.

Releasing October 31st: SUBMERGED CITY by Austin P. Sheehan.

Six months ago, a tsunami devastated Melbourne, submerging the central business district and dividing the city in two. The mainland is now under martial law, controlled by General Messinger who believes the Rise was God’s retribution against a sinful world.

David escaped Messinger’s persecution and the violence of the mainland by fleeing to the remains of the city skyscrapers jutting out of the rising waters. Life in the flooded city is tough, resources are scarce, and the constant raids by the Defence Force keep everyone on edge. But David is determined to survive, protecting the one thing the Rise hasn’t taken from him—his adopted son, Salim.

When Salim goes missing, taken during one of Messinger’s raids, David is determined to get him back—even if that means facing the wrath of Messinger and the Australian Defence Force. But he won’t be fighting alone.

SUBMERGED CITY is part of the Drowned Earth series, made up of eight standalone novellas by eight Australian authors.

Releasing October 31st: RISEN by Sue-Ellen Pashley.

Katie James’ life is about to change . . . again.

Having survived The Great Rise which decimated the land, the former medical student has made a new life for herself under the leadership of the Authority. But her peaceful existence on the edge of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland is shattered when she discovers a body floating in the waves.

Unsure who she can trust, Katie embarks on a mission to discover the truth… even if it puts her on the same kill list.

Releasing October 31st: FIRE OVER TROUBLED WATER by Nick Marone.

Six years after the Rise, Australia’s coastal towns are gone, lost under the ocean’s unstoppable advance. The survivors have retreated to a series of newly formed islands off the coast of New South Wales, seeking to rebuild their lives with limited resources, destructive weather, and fierce competition amongst communities.

And not all are successful . . .

Baz is a fresh water merchant, desalinating saltwater and bartering this valuable commodity throughout the struggling island communities. But his real mission is something closer to his heart, the one thing that has plagued him since the catastrophic rise in water levels: he must find his daughter and grandchildren.

While the rest of the country fights to stay alive, all Baz cares about is reuniting with the only family he has left. His greatest fear is that he’s already too late.

Releasing October 31st: FOREST OF FEAR by Blood Song Books.

It’s All Hallows Eve…do you dare go out? Will you answer the call of the night? Featuring over 50 talented international authors, and exactly 100 disturbing dark drabbles, FOREST OF FEAR is the first instalment of Blood Song Books new line of annual Halloween themed horror!

FOREST OF FEAR – Volume 1 goes live for Pre-Order on the 24th of October and officially releases on the 31st, right on time for Halloween!

You can visit the website of Blood Song Books or their Facebook Page to keep up to date with all the details until launch!

Releasing November: SHADOWS IN THE STONE by Jack Dann.

In Shadows in the Stone Jack Dann creates a fully-realized, living, breathing universe, a universe where the Vatican is in Venice, Jehovah is really the demiurge, and the magus John Dee’s experiments with angels are true and repeatable.

You’ll discover a nun who has the expertise and agility of a Ninja warrior, a reincarnated snake goddess, a young magus who is part stone, the Knights Templar of the Crimson Cross, the most secret of the Dead Sea scrolls, and a 15th Century dirigible kept aloft by imprisoned souls.

You’ll find wild adventure and Machiavellian subtlety, treason and heroism, love and carnality, joy and loss, magic, machines, the cosmic machinations of angels, demons, gods, and half-gods; and the absolutely breathtaking vistas that are their battle grounds. Here’s the website for more!

Releasing November 1st: SHARDS OF VENUS by Tjalara Draper.

SHARDS OF VENUS is the first book in the Celestial Shifters series, and looks fantastic.

Still reeling from the vicious murder of her best friend, Violet Chambers is haunted by the “faceless” man with the neck tattoo who kidnapped her. Trying to move on is a daily struggle for the girl who spent most of her life in foster care. But when she meets Nathan, the detective who found her at her best friend’s crime scene, things begin to look more promising. Violet finally finds sanctuary for the first time in her life.

Hellbent on protecting her, Nathan Delano, a mysterious shape-shifting Veniri, will do anything he can for Violet. All he has to do is ensure Violet’s world never collides with the shifter world. But even he can’t stop the enemy determined to destroy her and anyone she gets close to.

Suddenly, Violet doesn’t know who she can trust. With a pact broken and her safety on the line, will Violet save herself before it’s too late? To find out, follow the link!

Releasing November 1st: THE NEW ASYLUM by Frank Prem.

This collection is an exposé of life in the public psychiatric system, spanning five decades and describing sometimes graphically, sometimes ironically, often poignantly, and always honestly, a search for meaning in extraordinary and often incomprehensible circumstances.

The journey begins with childhood experiences of watching immigrant parents earn their living in the Mayday Hills Mental Asylum, progresses through the oddities and antics of psychiatric nurse training in the 1970 on to the high-pressure coalface of managing regional centres facing an inundation of modern urban challenges. Finally settling into the generally calmer waters of a small town residential facility.

Join Frank Prem on his New Asylum journey, and discover what it means to become that particular ‘mental health creature’ that is a psychiatric nurse. While perhaps not speculative fiction, this book will sure shed a unique light of the darkness of the mental health system. Here’s the link.

Releasing November 7th: SHADOWMANCY by Jason Franks.

On a mountain that does not exist, there is a school where they teach the impossible.

From his first day at the Academy, things are difficult for Quay. Though he has surrendered his name, like every other acolyte at the magical school, Quay is the son of a disgraced professor, and he finds that his father’s old enemies are already lined up against him–while the professor’s own faction is just as suspicious. Quay refuses to take a side, but as his powers grow it becomes apparent that the damaged young boy may prove a greater threat than his father ever was.

Deep in the Library of Shadows, Quay finds a way to survive his father’s treacherous legacy, but the price is high indeed. To find out just how high, have a look at Amazon!

Releasing November 20th: PIERROT’S SONG by Rachel Nightingale.

In PIERROT’S SONG (Tales of Tarya book three) the travelling players of Litonya have destroyed many lives by manipulating the mystical realm of Tarya, and Mina has discovered her brother is one of their victims. Although she is determined to stop them, her hopes for help from the Council of Muses have been dashed. The only possibility for healing lies in a journey to the heart of Litonya, and into a past long lost to history.

When ancient stories give up their forgotten secrets, a path forward begins to appear. But love and talent are pushed to their limits as Mina and her companions come face to face with an enemy who has finally stepped out of the shadows.

Here’s the link to the publisher, Odyssey Books, who you will be able to order PIERROT’S SONG through when it becomes available!

Releasing November 30th: LEGACY OF GHOSTS by Alicia Wanstall-Burke.

Four years have passed since Lidan’s world was ripped apart, and time is running out to change her father’s mind about the succession before the bargain with her mother expires. Torn between what she wants and what she knows is right, and she is faced with an impossible choice; will her brother live, or will he die?

Within the walls of the Hidden Keep, Ranoth holds his secrets close as he tries to harness his wild magic. But when life in the Keep descends into chaos, he is cast once more into the outside world, forced upon a southward path toward unknown lands and untold danger.

With Ran set on seeking justice and revenge, and Lidan fighting to find her feet and follow her heart, journeys will converge, and the ghosts of a past thought long dead will rise.

LEGACY OF GHOSTS is book two in The Coraidic Sagas and is available for preorder here!

There are some great books about to be published by some wonderful Australian authors! Don’t forget to pre-order or mark as ‘to read’ on Goodreads if they appeal to you. If you still want more Aussie Spec Fic books, have a look at the Reviews page on our website!

If you’re an Aussie (or Kiwi) author and you have a book coming out soon, join our facebook group and tell us about it.

We look forward to sharing with you more news and reviews of Speculative Fiction written by amazing Aussie and Kiwi authors, so please keep coming back!

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