ASF at Bendi-Con 2019

Aussie Speculative Fiction are excited to announce that we will be at next Sunday’s Bendi-Con event, in Bendigo, Victoria.  Have a look at the Bendi-Con website for more details!

This event will feature some wonderful artists, writers, comic-book illustrators, cosplayers and fan groups from all over Australia, a market and an artists alley, even several workshops, all in the beautiful gold-rush boom town of Bendigo.

At the Aussie Speculative Fiction stand will be Alanah Andrews, E. H. Alger, Rohsaan McInnes, Austin P. Sheehan and Rebecca Bowyer, all on hand to sign copies of their books and talk about their upcoming projects.  

Here’s a little glimpse of who and what you might find at the ASF stand:

Alanah Andrews is the award-winning author of the Eridu series, featuring THE HARVEST and EVE OF ERIDU (which I have reviewed here).  She has also written a book of short stories, ‘BEYOND’ and has a short story in ASF’s ‘BEGINNINGS’ anthology, which will all be available at the event.

She’s the genius who had the idea of creating a speculative fiction community in Australia, and that’s how Aussie Speculative Fiction was created.  Find out more at her website.

HERO – Book one in Belinda Crawford’s ‘The Hero Rebellion’ series is set in the future, on the colonised planet  Jørn, focusing on Hero Regan and her companion Fink, a genetically engineered leopard.  

It’s a really entertaining and well written story, and the relationship Hero has with  Fink, her family, the other students at her school are all excellent and believable.  There’s a lot of intrigue, a host of interesting characters, and a fascinating world to explore! You can find out more here!

Rebecca Bowyer will be attending, and bringing along MATERNAL INSTINCT.

Australia 2040. No child lives in poverty and every child is safe. But at what cost?  

19-year-old Monica never wanted a baby but the laws require her to give birth twice before she can move on with her life.  

Now that her first son, Oscar, has arrived she’s not so sure she wants to hand him over to be raised by professional parents: the Maters and Paters.

When Monica turns to her birth mother, Alice, for help, she triggers a series of events that force Alice to confront her own dark past. Alice must decide – help her daughter break the law, or persuade her to accept her fate and do what’s best for the nation’s children?   Sounds great, doesn’t it?  Find out more here!  

E. H. Alger will be attending with copies of her debut, WINTERHUED.  

In a land on the edge of all that is known dwells Princess Winterhued, erudite, beautiful, broken-hearted. The heir to her father’s kingdom and raised to be queen, she is troubled by terrifying dreams and now finds the half-demented king turning against her. 

But Winterhued’s fears come to life when a vast and ancient being comes flying on dread wings to lay siege to Castle Lawhill.  Trailing fear and slaughter, it traps Winterhued and her people within the broken walls.  And from the east, riding across wraith-haunted Iron Crag, comes a nameless knight, exiled and condemned… and a horned creature follows him, silent as moonlight.  If you’re not coming to the event, you can get a copy of what promises to be an amazing tale here

A literal snapshot of what’s on the table for BendiCon 2019.

Other books we will have available include CLAIMING T-MO by Eugen Bacon, a Jekyll and Hyde book where the women must make unbearable choices to claim T-Mo.  Find out more about this lush interplanetary tale by one of Australia’s exciting new authors here!

THE GIFTS OF FATE (David Myers) is an urban fantasy set in Sydney about a young psychic trying to rescue the man she loves from the mythological Greek goddesses of Fate and Discord.  You can head a review here.  In the sequel, THE STAR OF FATE (David Myers), a man in modern day Melbourne must recover a mysterious crystal ball in order to stop a war between the goddesses of Fate and Discord.  

In Rohsaan McInnes’ THE QUADRANTS, sixteen-year-old Rohan vows to get revenge on Titus Blackwell, the school bully.  But that’s the least of his problems, as Rohan soon learns of a magical underworld – the Quadrants – a world Rohan was born to but never knew.  And now the Quadrants have come for him. 

In an age where everyone lives their lives through a screen, no one has more celebrity status than fashion blogger, Madeline Q. In a chance meeting, Tayler, loner and geek, is introduced to her world of parties, fan worship, and seduction.  But as his own star rises, Madeline Q is arrested for murder. There’s just one problem–there is no corpse. Tayler soon learns that fiction blurs reality in Kevin Klehr’s SOCIAL MEDIA CENTRAL. (Review available here).  Another book by Klehr that will be available is DRAMA QUEENS WITH LOVE SCENES – where close friends Allan and Warwick are dead.  They’re not crazy about the idea, so to help them deal with this dilemma are Samantha, a blond bombshell from the 1950s, and Guy, an insecure angel.   

That’s just a taste of what to look forward to at Aussie Speculative Fiction’s stall at Bendi-Con 2019!  We hope to see you there!

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