Upcoming Book Releases (August to October)

There are some fantastic Speculative Fiction releases coming soon, and we are excited to tell you all about them, but first, four books were launched at the beginning of the month that I have to mention, SCIENCE FICTION DOUBLE FEATURE, THE LIGHT BEARER, DEEPER, DARKER THINGS and WINGED REAPER .

SCIENCE FICTION DOUBLE FEATURE is, as the name implies, a double feature. You get two stories in one.

The first novella – Adam Bennett’s PHOSPHOROUS – is about Dietrich Adrigan, a Warrior Monk of the Order, who walks a path separate from the billions living in the New York Elevator. Escaping the high-tension life of the gigacity, Dietrich visits the Earth Sanctuary to contemplate a great trial to impress the Council of Elders. A chance meeting leads him off planet, where he’ll confront interplanetary mafiosos, and risk almost certain death in search of a hidden space station.

The second novella is INTO THE EYE by Sam M. Phillips, where a polluted Earth sits at the heart of an intergalactic trade empire. Alberic Americ, an out of work miner, is desperate to get off world. He’ll do anything to get a job on a ship heading into The Eye, an ominous region of space where mysterious pearls are harvested as fuel. Determined to prove his worth, Alberic battles his inner demons on a journey to discover the source of his own choices.

SCIENCE FICTION DOUBLE FEATURE is published by Zombie Pirate Publishing, so you know it’s going to be quality. Here’s the Amazon link – this is going to be great!

THE LIGHT BEARER is book three of Andrew Einspruch’s The Western Lands and All That Really Matters series.

Here is the blurb:
Princess Eloise, Future Ruler and Heir to the Western Lands and All That Really Matters, was transporting the jester who’d killed a king back home to face justice.
Fair enough.
But when he escapes (taking Eloise’s chipmunk champion with him), Eloise, her guard, and her horse companions must traverse two realms to try to get him back.
The Light Bearer is a humorous, Discworld-ish novel set in a world of weak magic, talking animals, and wäÿ töö mänÿ ümläüts. If you like quirky, clever characters, lively dialog, and fun, ripping yarns, then you’ll love this fabulous third novel from Andrew Einspruch. And that’s me all over, so I am certainly going to grab a copy of this one! If you’re keen to check it out too, here is the link!

DEEPER, DARKER THINGS: And Other Oddities by Steve Dillon

Here is the blurb:
Steve Dillon’s second collection of weird fiction, short stories, and dark poetry. Deeper, Darker Things: A Lovecraftian mystery set aboard a modern-day Antarctic expedition vessel as a young man tries to figure out why his brother committed suicide a year ago after returning from a similar expedition.
The Scary Man: A letter from a teenage girl to her mother, explaining how she feels about the shadows figure who comes to her at night.
The Marshmallow People: Recounts memories of a family summer camp gone tragically wrong.
A Rapid Fingering: A haunted saxophone… and the strange effects on those who hear it or play it!
Bliss Pond: The tale of a schoolboy who is bullied by everyone because he’s ‘soft’.- All these and more original stories and poems new to this collection- Plus a selection of reprints of stories by Dillon, a couple with collaborators, and a second collection of dark poetry! Here’s the Amazon link, but visit Dillon’s website ( http://ThingsInTheWell.com) for more!


Here is the blurb:
Secrets, lies and the Grim Reaper: A recipe for disaster! 
Twenty-five-year-old Tyler Morgan is only alive – technically reborn – because the Grim Reaper offered her a job. Now she has to find a way to stop her ‘boss’ from starting a war that threatens the survival of mankind. 
Weak and in need of fresh souls, the Grim Reaper has sent his wraiths to Tyler’s hometown, Easton, and by the time he gets his fill, it could turn into a graveyard. 
Tyler’s resolve is tested when old secrets surface and a new betrayal has her questioning where her loyalties lie. 
Supported by the intriguing detective, Sam Lockwood; the handsome, wealthy Chris Bradbury; and sources she never expected to come to her aid, Tyler must fight her way to the truth if she is ever to find the strength to harness the powers she has inherited, and vanquish the Grim Reaper forever.

Damn. That’s got me hooked! As soon as I publish this blog, I’m going to click this link and check it out!

Releasing August 13th: CLAIMING T-MO by Eugen Bacon.

Here is the blurb:
In this lush interplanetary tale, an immortal priest flouts the conventions of a matriarchal society by choosing a name for his child. The act initiates chaos that splits the boy in two, unleashing a Jekyll-and-Hyde child upon the universe: named T-Mo by his mother and Odysseus by his father. The story unfolds through the eyes of these three distinctive women: Silhouette, Salem and Myra – mother, wife, and daughter. As they struggle to confront their fears and navigate the treacherous paths to love and accept T-Mo/Odysseus and themselves, the darkness in Odysseus urges them to unbearable choices that threaten their very existence.

You can find out more about CLAIMING T-MO and pre-order it here! Meerkat Press are releasing it on August 13, and I can’t wait!

Releasing August 16th: BLURRED VISION by Steve Harrison.

Here’s the blurb:
BLURRED VISION is a young adult science fiction adventure involving first contact, but unlike any you’ve ever experienced before!

When Polly Hart agrees to swap places with a girl from another planet, she has no idea that this makes her a fugitive in the fabulous universe revealed by her new friend, and now she must outwit the school bully, a weird teacher and an interstellar hit squad to survive. So annoying!

It will be published in ebook by Elsewhen Press on 16th August 2019, and in paperback on the 18th of November. This reminds me of the YA sci-fi I loved as a kid, so am looking forward to this piece. If you’d like to learn more, follow this link to Steve Harrison’s website.

Releasing August 18th: VIOLENT CAUSES (Leeth Dossier #4) by L. J. Kendall.

Here is the blurb:
The year is 2063 – 27 years after magic returned to our world. Leeth has survived a childhood as the unwitting subject of Dr Harmon’s unethical experiments at the Institute for Paranormal Dysfunction. She is now an eager assassin for a government black ops department. 

Her missions: seduce and destroy.

But Harmon, knowing she’s unprepared for the emotional cost of those missions, sees in that pain the key to her magical development and survival.

Magic, however, can be subtle – from shattered remnants, new seeds can grow. And when the artefact of a Death God is added to the mix, it won’t be Leeth alone who is tested.

Doesn’t that sound spellbinding? If you want to find out more, here is the Goodreads link, and here is the link to buy it!

Also, L. J. Kendall is doing an in-store book launch for VIOLENT CAUSES on the 18th of August at Galaxy Bookshop, Sydney – here is the FB Event – if you’re in Sydney, check it out!

Releasing August 20th: MONSTERS: A Horror Microfiction Anthology by Black Hare Press.

Here is the blurb:
Wendigos, vampires, things that go bump in the night or hide under the bed, witches, demons, upirs, kelpies, toad people, zombies, sirens and hundreds of other tiny terrifying tales. 
What miracles can one hundred debut to bestselling authors do with 100 words?More than three hundred 100-word drabbles from around the world.

MONSTERS is an anthology of microfiction, drabbles are short stories that pack a punch, made up of exactly 100 words. This collection features both Australian and international authors, and Black Hare Press are an independent Australian publisher who specialise in dark stories. Make sure you pre-order MONSTERS here!

Releasing August 30th: HIDE by J. A. Henderson.

Here is the blurb:
Triple murderer R. D. Slaither is incarcerated in an asylum, yet he claims the real perpetrator is a psychopath nobody can remember. Is he truly insane, an innocent victim or a master manipulator with an audacious plan to ensure his freedom? 

Detective Ettrick Sinclair sets out to find the truth and uncovers an incredible tale, involving the suspicious suicides of a young engineer and a truck driver, an abused psychiatric patient, a domineering father in law, an experimental anti-depressant and Ettrick’s own babysitter. But his investigation sets in motion a horrific chain of events that will end in tragedy for both men. To find out more, have a look at J. A. Henderson’s website.

Releasing August 31st: CURSES & CAULDRONS by Blood Song Books.

Here is the blurb:
Over 200 tiny dark tales of magic, mischief, murder, mayhem & madness… You do not want to get on the wrong side of these witches! Let us cast a spell on you… with just 100 words.

This collection features Zoey Xolton, Umair Mirxa, Shawn M. Klimek, Alanah Andrews, Stacey Jaine McIntosh, Belinda Brady, Stuart Conover, Stephen Herczeg, Patrick Winters, David Rae & Galina Trefil and 65 other talented international authors!

CURSES & CAULDRONS is the debut collection from Australia’s Blood Song Books, so be sure to show them your support! You can pre-order your copy here!

Releasing September 2nd: METAMORPHOSIS by Claire Fitzpatrick.

Here is the blurb:
Madeline will never become a woman. William will never become a man. Does June deserve to be human? Does Lilith deserve a heart?

Seventeen stories. Seventeen tales of terror. 

If imperfection is crucial to a society’s survival, what makes a monster?

This sounds like a collection of short stories I do not want to miss!

METAMORPHOSIS, published by IFWG PUBLISHING AUSTRALIA, is available for pre-order here.

Releasing September 5th: WORLDS BEYOND (The Indigo Reports 3.0) by Tracy Cooper-Posey

Here is the blurb:
Peace is balanced on a knife edge…
With the incomparable advantage of personal bridge forges and the elusive flying city, Demos, Bellona and her Ledanians have contained their rabid enemies, the Alliance, for more than a decade, preventing them from swallowing whole the hundreds of worlds who look to Bellona to preserve their freedom and peace.  If the Alliance’s relentless ambition to find a decisive advantage is realized, the delicate balance Bellona maintains would be destroyed, and the free worlds vulnerable.
Rumours emerge from the Alliance-annexed states of a new type of bridge forge which might just be the tool the Alliance needs to defeat her…
WORLDS BEYOND is the final book in the Indigo Reports space opera science fiction series by award-winning SF author Tracy Cooper-Posey. If sci-fi is your thing, make sure you check this one out here!

Releasing October 7th: MATERNAL INSTINCT by Rebecca Bowyer.

Here is the blurb:
Australia 2040. No child lives in poverty and every child is safe. But at what cost?
19-year-old Monica never wanted a baby but the laws require her to give birth twice before she can move on with her life.
Now that her first son, Oscar, has arrived she’s not so sure she wants to hand him over to be raised by professional parents: the Maters and Paters.
When Monica turns to her birth mother, Alice, for help, she triggers a series of events that force Alice to confront her own dark past. Alice must decide – help her daughter break the law, or persuade her to accept her fate and do what’s best for the nation’s children?

October can’t come quickly enough, this book sounds amazing! Here’s the link to Amazon where you can pre-order it!

Releasing October 8th: WICKED WINGS: Lizzie Grace book 5 by KERI ARTHUR.

Here is the blurb:
In a reservation where magic has been unrestrained for entirely too long, there is no rest from the wicked…
After dealing with the fallout of a shape-shifting, fire-throwing demon, Lizzie, Belle, and Aiden are hoping the reservation will finally catch a break from the constant influx of evil. Those hopes are quickly dashed when Lizzie comes across the scent of evil and tracks it back to the clean-picked bones of a man.
As it quickly becomes obvious that this is not a one-off situation and there’s now a demon with a taste for human flesh on the reservation, another problem arises in the form of a White Lady—a ghost not only seeking bloody revenge, but demanding Belle’s assistance to get it.
And she won’t take no for an answer.
But the greatest threat of all might be the witch who is a magical bloodhound. A witch who’s been sent to the reservation to by one Clayton Marlowe…
Lizzie’s husband.

If that’s left you wanting more, go here and pre-order a copy! You won’t regret it!

Releasing October 31st: SHADOWS OF A NIGHTMARE by Scott G. Gibson.

Here is the blurb:
Shadows of a Nightmare is a short story collection to haunt your nightmares and end the world as you know it.
These chilling tales are not ashamed of visceral horror, of blood splashing freely across the page: “The Rage”, a grisly apocalyptic tale where a viral plague of anger overcomes humans; “Meat Market”, about a killer monster who preys on gym-junkies to eat their well-toned flesh; “The Ghost”, a harrowing supernatural tale about a man who is haunted by the world’s most murderous spirit; “Alien Invasion”, a story of extra-terrestrial beings taking over the world; “The Man in the Van” shows us what happens when an amateur sleuth tries to save his girlfriend from a vicious kidnapper; plus many more.
Are you ready to enter a labyrinth of fear and thrills? Scott G. Gibson’s SHADOWS OF A NIGHTMARE brings you spine-tingling stories to keep you awake at night. Read them if you dare.
So that’s definitely a must-read for anyone who likes a healthy dose of horror and gore. Here’s the link.

There are some great books about to be published by some wonderful Australian authors! Don’t forget to pre-order or mark as ‘to read’ on Goodreads if they appeal to you. Amd if you still want more Aussie Spec Fic books, have a look at the Reviews page on our website!

If you’re an Aussie (or Kiwi) author and you have a book coming out soon, join our facebook group and tell us about it.

We look forward to sharing with you more news and reviews of Speculative Fiction written by amazing Aussie and Kiwi authors, so please keep coming back!

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