A Glimpse of Magic by Sasha Hanton

When the sun hits the stones at just the right angle I can feel it in my bones. The winds blow soft fragrances across the field and I can just tell the time is here.
I’d had to ask Franny’s granddaughter to help me collect the mushrooms so I couldn’t be certain they were correct but Franny says she has good eyes and no troubles with colour so I’m hopeful. Using my hands to feel out the edges I find my way to the innermost section and hurriedly place my offering besides the central stones, not long now.
Clenching my eyelids shut I let a soft prayer be whipped up into the winds. It’s time.
A tingle traverses up my spine as the winds increase from a soft caress to a frantic gust, flinging my hair up and around me. Stray strands of hair flutter and bash against my brow, lips, nose and ears as a wafting mixture of lavender, rosemary and thyme hit me.
When my eyelids open the dimness of dusk greets me. It’s even more beautiful than I remembered, the lush greens of the grass and the contrasting colours of the sky as the sun begins to set, I can finally see it all again. Taking a deep breath I get a full whiff of tantalising herbs, and casting my gaze to the centre circle, sure enough, all the mushrooms are gone.
As the chill of night sets in I chew my lip, I hardly want to say goodbye. The wind picks up carrying a soft whisper ‘the magic is all dried up, enjoy what you have left while it lasts.’ This is it then, my last miracle.


Sasha Hanton grew up in the tropics of Darwin, Northern Territory. From a young age, she devoured books and iced coffee, both of which she continues to intake on an almost daily basis. Now living on beautiful Bribie Island in Queensland her time is split between writing and spoiling her puppy Miley.

Sasha, who has a Bachelor of Journalism from Bond University, has dabbled in the journalistic profession but finds fiction far more fascinating. Her first published work The Short Story Press Collection draws on her love for a diverse range of genres and passion for short stories.

Throughout her life, she has been a lover of history and mythology, and at any time will find some way to weave one or the other into her storytelling. When she’s not writing or reading she can be found walking her dog and volunteering.

Sasha’s short story, ‘Dealt in Sin‘ was published in Aussie Speculative Fiction’s anthology, ‘Beginnings.’


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