ASF at SUPANOVA in Sydney!

This weekend, Aussie Speculative Fiction is at Sydney’s Supanova. They have 26 books available, written by authors all over Australia. And some wonderful authors are going to be on hand during the weekend to sign books as well, such as Alanah Andrews, Patricia Leslie, Kevin Khler, Kellie M. Davies, Belinda Brady, Rebecca Langham, and Maddie Jensen.
So here’s a handy guide to what books they have. Let’s start with BEGINNINGS, their very own anthology, featuring 16 speculative fiction tales including THE MORRIGAN (Maddie Jensen), EDGE (Alanah Andrews) and BREAK THE SPELL (Belinda Brady). Here’s a great review.
Alanah Andrews’ EVE OF ERIDU was my favourite independently-published book of 2018. It’s the story of a girl, Eve, trapped in a Dystopian world where emotions are forbidden. Have a look at this review.
SOCIAL MEDIA CENTRAL (Klehr) is an enthralling read too. In an age where everyone lives their lives through a screen, no one has more celebrity status than fashion blogger, Madeline Q. In a chance meeting, Tayler, loner and geek, is introduced to her world of parties, fan worship, and seduction. But as his own star rises, Madeline Q is arrested for murder. There’s just one problem—there is no corpse. Read more here.
The wonderful Aiki Flinthart has several books available, SHADOWS WAKE, 80AD and IRON. I haven’t read all of them, but IRON is by far the best book I’ve read so far in 2019 (Here’s my review) so I highly recommend all of them!
Rebecca Langham’s book BENEATH THE SURFACE is just $15 and as far as I’m concerned, that’s one of the best bargains you can get. In BENEATH THE SURFACE, Lydia, Alessia, and a small group of Outsiders must navigate a system of corruption, falsehoods, and twists none of them ever saw coming, all while holding on to the hope to come out alive in the end. But it’s a risk worth taking, and a future worth fighting for. Read more here.
There’s a whole bunch of sensational titles for just $15, alongside BENEATH THE SURFACE is EVE OF ERIDU, BEGINNINGS, SOCIAL MEDIA CENTRAL and 80AD. There is also A LITTLE RAY OF OBSIDIAN BLACK (make sure you look out for that) by Bee Neilson, THE QUADRANTS by Rohsaan Mcinnes), THE GIFTS OF FATE by David Myers, LIAM by Taine Andrews, and MANIFEST RECALL by multi-award winning Alan Baxter. Baxter also has HIDDEN CITY and DEVOURING DARK (have a look at this review) available at $20 each.
Nikki Moyes has a great magical realism story IF I WAKE (here’s my review) available, as well as KOKODA TREK.
If you like dragons, go no further than OCHRE DRAGON by V. E. Patton.
And for the sci-fi fans out there, I highly recommend Carleton Chinner’s THE HILLS OF MARE IMBRIUM and PLATO CRATER – you can get both for just $30! Here’s my recent review of THE HILLS OF MARE IMBRIUM and this is a review of PLATO CRATER which is now on my TBR list!
That’s not all – Patricia Leslie’s books KEEPER OF THE WAY and A SINGLE LIGHT are available too! A SINGLE LIGHT sounds great – it’s an urban fantasy tale of ghoulish monsters and non-human protectors battling to save humanity amid the spectacular and rugged landscapes of the Royal National Park south of Sydney.
We also have ABRAHAM FROST by Andrew Old. Abraham Frost is just an average, ordinary twelve-year old growing up in Sydney’s western suburbs – until the day he and his father are attacked on their way home from school by a monster straight out of a nightmare. Abe is immediately thrust into a world he never knew existed – a world of ogres and pixies, of centaurs and gnomes, of giants and trolls. A world of the Fae.
And there’s also LOST by award-winning Val Clarke, where Fifteen year old Shannon Mackay embarks on a perilous journey – armed with her wits, determination, courage, and a sword – to try and save the dying world of N’arth.
Damn. Why do all these books have to sound so amazing?

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