A Long Goodbye by Brandi Dixon

The spot where she kissed my cheek still feels warm.
“I’ll keep waving until I can’t see you anymore,” she said.
I laughed. “You’re taking a balloon, that could be hours, maybe days!”
Our fingers clung together a little longer, desperate on my part, excited on hers. She bounced as we parted, jaunty and sure that a great adventure awaited. I slumped, curling in on myself, giving up on trying to be happy for her. Missing her before she even climbed into the basket. I was right about one thing though – it was a long goodbye. The wind turned fickle as they crossed the shoreline, and I, stubborn as always, made her wave for four miserable hours.


The highlight of Brandi’s writing career was being accused of plagiarism in high school when the alternative ending she submitted for ‘Stranger In A Strange Land’ sounded so much like Heinlein her teachers thought she’d copied it from another novel. Brandi now feeds her Spec Fiction addiction through freelance editing – you can find her at @charcoalandbrass or hanging out at her favourite independent bookstore. She firmly believes that books change lives and is on a mission to help writers bring more of them into the world


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