Coming Home by Austin P. Sheehan

Alone, I cross the threshold of my domain. The gore-filled nightmares, the blood-spattered cities, the chasms of death and darkness can no longer reach me.

The beasts; six legged demons, tri-horned manticores, fierce darguleh, all slain. And not just the beasts.

I remove my dented helmet, my bloody armour. I run cool water over my face, washing chunks of flesh and dirt from my beard. My body ached with exhaustion, with fatigue, with loss. But I am home.

For another day, or another season, or a span of seven moons, who knows when I’ll need to sate my blade again?




Austin P. Sheehan is a writer of speculative fiction, a lover of language, literature and ’90s TV.

Armed with a psychology degree, he went out into the world to further study humanity, and now prefers the company of his wife and their greyhounds.

He grew up in the valleys of Victoria’s high country, and despite living in Melbourne for the past decade, he always feels at home amongst the mountains. In fact you’ll often find mountains in his stories, whether they’re sci-fi, fantasy or alternative history.

Austin has also been getting coffees and doing photocopying as the work experience kid at the Aussie Speculative Fiction group.

If you want to discover what secrets are hidden in the mountains, go to his website here or find him on twitter @AustinPSheehan




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