Sight by Jocelyn Spark

“How can you do that?”

“Do what?”

“That thing you do, you know… that thing.” Nathan whispered the last part, like that was somehow going to get his point across. “Well?”

“Nathan, I have no idea what ‘thing’ it is that I’m supposedly doing.” He’d never been one to dance around a question. That’s what she liked about him. Too many people their age were too afraid to ask or say what they really thought.  

“That thing you’re doing now.”

“Oh for heaven’s sake. I’m tired. Just go away.” She collapsed back against the pillow of the hospital bed. Why couldn’t they let her go home already? The bandage was still wrapped around her eyes but surely that could be taken off by now. Her vision, even under the bandage, had started to improve—light now reflected and took away the incessant darkness that had held her for days. Addy assumed Nathan had skulked out of the room. Good. It was his fault she was in here anyway.  

“Alright love. It’s Dr. Anthony here. I’m just going to take off the bandage to test out those eyes of yours. Are you ready?”

“Am I ever!” Addy shot up on the bed and whipped her head towards the voice, feeling slightly dizzy from the speed.

A breathy laugh came from the doctor as nimble fingers began taking off the bandage. “Careful love or you will tumble off the bed with that enthusiasm.”

Addy blinked as her eyes adjusted. She frowned as Nathan’s shape came into focus sitting in the nearby chair.  “I thought you’d left?” Addy snapped at Nathan.

“Left? Who did you think was taking that bandage off?” questioned the doctor.

“Sorry, not you. Nathan.”


“Yes, Nathan, over there.” Nodding in Nathan’s direction shot pain through Addy’s skull and she fell back against the bed.

“There’s no one else here besides me Addy. Are you okay?”

Addy frowned and glanced over at Nathan.

“That’s the ‘thing’ Addy. How can you hear me when no one else can?”


Many authors claim influence from greats such as Poe, Hemingway and Austen. But author, Jocelyn Spark, lives by the words of the greatest philosopher of all time—Dr. Seuss. According to Dr. Seuss, fantasy is a necessary ingredient in life, and, with a zest for life and enthusiasm for all things crazy, you will always find a touch of fantasy in Jocelyn’s writing. Not only is Jocelyn an author, she is a teacher, mother, wife, cake decorator, failing gardener and a poor excuse of a basketballer. She is also one of the founding members of ASF and can’t quite remember what it’s like to have free time. But busy is better than bored. Follow her at

Jocelyn’s short story, ‘Remember Me‘ was published in Aussie Speculative Fiction’s anthology, ‘Beginnings.’


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