Under the Clouds by S. John Davis

“Nothing better than cloud watching on a lazy Sunday afternoon.”

“Nothing better.”

“That one looks like a dog.”

“A dog with a tail.”

“All dogs have tails.”

“No they don’t.”

He shook his head. “Of course they do.”

“That one looks like Pangaea.”

“Just looks like a cloud.”

We sat for a few more moments, mesmerised by the shifting shapes and patterns.

He pointed heavenward. “That one looks rather like a whale of some type.”

“Could be a dolphin.”

“Definitely a whale. In fact, I’m concerned with just how much it looks like a whale.”

“That’s your concern?”

“Of course!”

“Not that this hyper realistic whale cloud appears to be plummeting toward us at an alarming rate.”

“Don’t be silly. Whale clouds don’t plummet.”

“This one is.”

We turned our heads to face each other, ignoring the skies. And so did our last great debate begin, beneath the ever growing shadow of the heaviest cloud.


S. John Davis is a Gippsland based author of comedy, fantasy, comedic-fantasy and occasionally incoherent, esoteric babblings. Updates and tidbits are available from his facebook page. www.facebook.com/sjohndavis 


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1 thought on “Under the Clouds by S. John Davis

  1. Love it. Very “hitchhikers”, only where is the bowl of petunias?

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