ASF at Supanova Melbourne

The Aussie Speculative Fiction group was at Melbourne’s 2019 Supanova, and I was lucky enough to find myself in the middle of it. Supanova is a fan convention focusing on science fiction and fantasy film and TV, comic books, anime, gaming and collectables.

We are still a young group, and didn’t really know what to expect from the event.  Mind you, we prepared well; Alanah Andrews and her husband brought custom made bookshelves and signage, the table was full of flyers and bookmarks advertising ourselves as well as our members. We had ASF authors like Matthew P. Copping, V. E. Patton, Alanah Andrews, Rohsaan McInnes and myself, Austin P. Sheehan, rotating throughout the weekend to talk about ASF,  their journey, their books, and of course sign copies.

As the Aussie Speculative Fiction group has members all over Australia and in New Zealand, we had members from all over send us copies to display.  In total we had seventeen titles including our BEGINNINGS anthology, made up of books by Alanah Andrews, V. E. Patton, Nikki Moyes, Rebecca Langham, Samuel Colbran, Aiki Flinthart, Rohsaan McInnes, Kevin Klehr, and Carleton Chinner. It was a wonderful experience to share those books with the Supanova fans, to sign books and talk to people about not just my own stories, but about the ASF group and our ever-growing list of talented authors.

With so many books available though, I found I didn’t know enough about every single one to talk about them all as much as I would have liked. So that’s one thing we learned from the experience. Another thing was to ensure our website is correct on our flyers.

Of course, there is so much to see at Supanova. Tv and Movie stars, everyone dressed up in their Cosplay, rows and rows of stalls displaying art, toys, collectables, and amazing, unique and interesting things. What was a personal highlight for me was meeting other authors. I not really interested in meeting TV stars or celebrities as a rule, but it was excellent to meet Alan Baxter, Astrid Scholte, Corey J. White, and it was probably the highlight of the whole thing when Katya de Becerra brought a copy of BEGINNINGS! De Becerra wrote WHAT THE WOODS KEEP which came out last year, and would have to be one of my favourite books of 2018, so I was very excited!

That was two days ago, and I’m still both exhausted and elated by the experience.  The Aussie Speculative Fiction group isn’t even a year old yet, and our reception in the Indie Press Zone was great. Ultimately I feel it was a success for the Aussie Speculative Fiction group. It was great to get our books out there, to represent such a talented group of writers, to build relationships with other writers and artists, and to meet some really wonderful authors.

Thankyou to everyone who attended Supanova and made it such an excellent event, especially those who came by our stall! We will be attending the Clunes Booktown Festival in May, and if everything goes to plan will likely be attending the Sydney Supanova in June!  We hope to see you there!

Austin P. Sheehan, on behalf of the Aussie Speculative Fiction group.


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