Come and Get Me by Sue Maynes

Something was not right.

Nothing moved except the expected: birds, lizards, flies – always flies.

The crime scene conveyed decay and abandonment – no flattened weeds or grass to indicate anyone had been in there. 

Yet, she had disappeared. One moment, she had been standing in the centre of the room, under surveillance from their long-distance cameras. 

The next – completely gone.

Just like the other couple.

Officers had immediately secured the scene. No-one else had entered. It was as it had been.

He looked up at what was left of the ceiling. Natural damage wreaked by time and weather. Nothing there. His men had checked to see if a crane or hoist on the roof could have whisked her out of sight.


Detective Alan was up against it – the pressure to solve this case was immense. 

The glare of daylight on the bleached flooring momentarily blinded him. He blinked. The wrongness suddenly became apparent.

The flooring and the fixed seating was open to the sky. Covered with debris, dirt, grass, weeds… but not in the centre. It was totally clean. 

He cautiously moved closer to the edge of the flooring, checking to see if debris had been swept off the edges. Nothing.

It appeared to have been sucked up too.

A sudden turmoil outside the room caught his attention. His men appeared, chasing a girl child. 

Running swiftly, easily side-slipping the officers, the child ran into the room and raced to the centre of the flooring, crying, “I’m here mama, come and get me.”

Alan indicated to his men to converge on the child.

A hand appeared from the sky, grasped the child’s upraised hand, and the girl was gone.

For some reason, Alan’s solution to the case was never disclosed to the public.


About the author: Sue Maynes

Lives in country New South Wales

Has an amazing family

Runs a facebook group The Commonwealth of Australia

Writes a huge amount of factual legal documentation for that group

Creates Paper Portraits

Has one writing award under her belt  – the CWA of NSW Garry Prize for an Essay. 

Is very new to fictional writing, currently testing all the Flash Fiction genres.

Is extremely new to poetry, having only discovered the New York School on the 24th November 2018.


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