Luring by Sue Maynes

The tunnel beckons,


               entices the miner

into its darkness.

Within a few feet the darkness is intense,

the temperature



He looks back at the adit.

Light glares outside


               sharp, blinding;

temeriously seeking

               a denied entry

He turns on his helmet lamp,

the thin search of light moving,


over the inky deepness ahead of him.

He walks cautiously.

Sturdy supports at intervals

hold the walls, the roof, the earth

               above him

Gold, copper, precious…….

What did the miners of the past seek –

Wealth or escape?

The world does not mine with a man

But waits in the light

For the hidden treasure to be found

A man can hide in the timeless darkness


Seeking the illusive veins

of earthen bloodlines.

Danger walks with the miner

               unless he pays homage; respects the depths.

Unless he understands and accepts

he is no longer in the arms

               of man,


of nature.


About the author: Sue Maynes

Lives in country New South Wales

Has an amazing family

Runs a facebook group The Commonwealth of Australia

Writes a huge amount of factual legal documentation for that group

Creates Paper Portraits

Has one writing award under her belt  – the CWA of NSW Garry Prize for an Essay. 

Is very new to fictional writing, currently testing all the Flash Fiction genres.

Is extremely new to poetry, having only discovered the New York School on the 24th November 2018.


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