The Inheritance Experiment by Kel E Fox (Sneak Peek)

SNEAK PEEK at a story from our ‘Beginnings’ anthology.

The Inheritance Experiment by Kel E Fox

Brno, Austrian Empire: 1899

Esmerelda did not remember much of the year she turned three, even though she had perfect recall of every year since. What she did remember from that year was a dream. She was in her mama’s garden, picking cream-and-yellow jonquils to put in her favourite vase, the pretty blue one. Like most of her dreams, it was fuzzy around the edges. Esmerelda was squatting in the rich black soil of the garden bed, feeling the dirt shift between her toes and reaching to touch the tip of a delicate yellow petal, gently, so it wouldn’t be broken. She didn’t see her mama so much as know she was there.

At least, she thought it was her mama.


It was time to go back inside. Esmerelda felt the chilly wind against her face, the deep cold of the earth rising up through her bare feet, but she herself wasn’t cold. Besides, this was a dream, so she could stay out in the garden as long as she liked. In her dream, the sun didn’t even have to go behind the clouds. Mama said she was special because of the way she could control dreams. So young, Mama said, for such a thing. She already knew more than all the other children in Sunday School. Even Abbot Johann was impressed.

“Ezzie!” Louder this time, and she felt Mama approach in that dream-like way when she knew something was happening without knowing how. It was just so. Mama’s shoes clopped on the path as she walked up behind Esmerelda.

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