Remember Me by Jocelyn Spark (SNEAK PEEK)

Another sneak peek at a story from our ‘Beginnings’ anthology.

Remember Me by Jocelyn Spark – Author

She ran through the trees; her breath reduced to short gasps as her feet pounded against the roughened ground. She couldn’t let herself be caught—the creature was more than twice her size with teeth that could rip through her skin like soft fruit. It always surprised her, the beast’s agility, she didn’t see how it was possible for it to dodge and weave the way it did, yet it remained close on her heel. Nearing her trap—a hole she had spent days painstakingly digging and lining with sharpened sticks—she hoped that it was big enough for the beast that chased her. Without hesitation she leapt across the opening, landing on the other side at the same time a roar from the beast was abruptly cut off, its heavy body skewered on the stakes below.

The forest went still and quiet, a silent goodbye to the creature below. She would have plenty of food for the coming months. She was thankful the skewers had proven long enough, as she had been aiming for a smaller creature such as the syth that preyed through the trees. Their fur was soft and warm, and she could have used their two elongated front teeth in her spears and weapons. Nonetheless, a bounty such as the two-legged creature she had captured meant she would not have to hunt for some time. Whilst she couldn’t use its skin to make the warm clothing she had hoped for, she could fashion strong boots and armour to help protect her against the elements.

A twig snapped nearby and she spun towards the sound, her arms poised to fight—on the other side of her trap stood another being…

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