New Rule by Austin P. Sheehan

It’s fair to say Yolanda never had much luck with men. They all seemed to come with either a truckload of problems, an IQ in the 40s, or they were Elvis fans. And sometimes all three.

But Eric was different. He seemed normal, he was handsome, and the two of them just clicked. It seemed to Yolanda that her years of dating disasters were finally at an end.

Until tonight.
“New rule, Yolanda,” she muttered to herself, staring up at the massive grey machine, hovering eerily in the night sky. “If someone ever says ‘come outside, I’ve got something to show you,’ you stay the fuck inside!”


About the author:  Austin P Sheehan is a Melbourne based author who grew up in the valleys of the Victorian Alps.

Having been inspired to write only last year, his debut novel will hopefully be released in 2019, and in the meantime, several of his short stories have been accepted for publication.

Twitter: @AustinPSheehan


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