Edge by Alanah Andrews (SNEAK PEEK)

SNEAK PEEK at a story from our ‘Beginnings’ anthology.

Edge by Alanah Andrews

Each morning as the sun peaked over the threshold of the world, Alma stood at the shore letting the colours wash blissfully over her body. First, the sky would seem just a little less dark. Then the stars would fade and a glorious display of crimson would creep over the horizon. Despite the fact that this was a daily occurrence, Alma never grew tired of observing the stunning mix of reds, pinks and oranges as they flowed like watercolour into her world.

She reached one hand up to her cheek, where a mark the colour of sunset stretched from her forehead, across her right eye, and onto her cheek. At first, Alma had felt self-conscious about the strange blemish on her skin, but her father had just smiled. “You’ve been touched by the sunrise, Alma,” he had said. “You should be proud.”

Alma smiled. But of course, she wasn’t just there to see the sunrise. The reason she stood on the cool sand each morning was to gaze across the sea in wonderment at Edge as it grew gradually lighter in the rays of the sun. She could feel it calling to her.

Nobody else seemed to care about Edge, not like Alma.

Some of the villagers left, now and again, and paddled across the vast ocean, never to return. But they didn’t seem to obsess over it as she did. They just woke up one morning, took one of the fishing boats and left with little fanfare. Or perhaps, she thought, Edge was always hovering at the back of their minds like it was for her, but they just never talked about it.

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