Break the Spell by Belinda Brady (SNEAK PEEK)

SNEAK PEEK at a story from our upcoming anthology.

Break the Spell by Belinda Brady

Sunlight fills the dark occult store as I open the heavy front door. I had just finished lunch in the city with a few friends and was heading back to the train station when I came across the store, tucked away in one of those trendy alleyways. The type where people drink overpriced lattes served in hollowed out avocados as they sit on milk crates and critique the latest mural painting on the opposing brick wall. This store stood out like a sore thumb. Its blackness screamed against the pastel colours of its neighbours, and the usual array of candles, books and various glass ornaments decorating the windows did nothing to add to its appeal.

These stores are a dime a dozen and can be found in any town on the map, but this one was different. Normally, I’d cross the street to avoid a place like this, but for some reason I just had to go inside. Worse case, I buy a few crystals, maybe even a spell and then I’ll have a story to tell the girls at our next catch up. My friends were always telling funny, ‘this happened to me stories;’ maybe I’d finally have one to tell? Maybe I’d finally be the funny one they are laughing with, instead of being boring old me, sitting there with my usual, ‘nothing new with me’ stories.

Taking a deep breath, I adjust my jacket and hold my head up high as I leave the brightness of the street and enter the store.

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