The Washer Woman’s Favourite by Maureen Flynn (SNEAK PEEK)

SNEAK PEEK at a story from our upcoming anthology.

The Washer Woman’s Favourite by Maureen Flynn

It takes something as drastic as death to find yourself face to face with Venice’s premiere Washer Woman. I wasn’t sure it really was her at first, that lumpy shadow, grey and black and looming over me. My vision went in and out of focus and my mind skittered and hazed. I felt viscous, sticky blood pooling on my right side where I’d stabbed the knife in deep.

“Now dearie,” she crooned. “Why don’t you tell me what I have here?”

Before I could even process her words, she was kneeling beside me, a wad of shapeless fabric in her hand, now pressed tight against my injured side.

“I’m buying you an extra ten,” she said, sucking thoughtfully at the side of her mouth. “So get talking before I regret saving you from my poor, hungry rats.”

Check out Maureen’s story, and 15 other stories by Australian speculative fiction authors on November 24th. Pre-order special is 0.99c


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