The Morrigan by Maddie Jensen (SNEAK PEEK)

SNEAK PEEK at a story from our upcoming anthology.

The Morrigan by Maddie Jensen

The time for the new Morrigan’s ascent was at hand. Erin Brennan craned her neck to look up at the full moon, taking a steadying breath which misted out in front of her. This was the third Morrigan she had seen crowned in her nearly forty years, and she hoped it would be the last. The ceremony was important, but it was also not a pleasant process, and the latest chosen was the youngest in over a century.

The altar gleamed in the pale moonlight as Erin’s gaze raked over the objects assembled; the ruby-hilted dagger, the silver box, and the ivory drinking horn. It had been almost twenty years since the last ascension ceremony, but many of the older witches still remembered the ritual.

A slight figure made her way through the assembly of witches toward the altar. Her hood was pulled over her head and a necklace of bones dangled around her neck. The sight made Erin’s stomach tighten. As the cloaked figure reached the altar, she lowered her hood with trembling hands, her lips pressed into a determined line.

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