The Isle by Racquel Kechagias

The world lives and breaths on melodies and harmonies, the ancient voices of creatures as weightless as light itself. They sing and beckon the lost to come to the Isle of Song.

They search the world over for those on the verge of breaking from a world as cold and hard as the rock it’s built upon. The paper-thin fragile mortals flock to the Isle, welcomed to a world where they can be free at last. Their shackles are broken by the Ancient Ones and replaced by new shackles, binding their souls to the Isle but they don’t protest.

As they emerge further into the Isle, following the light further into the mountain. They pass through the Isle’s heart, going past siren songs and faerie dances that lure them in, past warmth and love with no choice of turning back. Passing the light, they sink further into the dark and further into devastation and desolation.

A million voices chant, summoning them to the hearth of hell itself. The darkness is chased away by a new blinding, burning light. It consumes their mortal bodies, tearing and chewing away until there is not a scrap of flesh left.

All that remains is their charred bones; a cage for their immortal souls. Their souls, now with no other purpose, add to the voices of the chanters, to the voices of the siren songs. Beckoning the next breaking soul to hear the summon and make the choice to follow the melody to its broken, bloody end.


About the author: Born in March 1991 in Sydney, Australia, Racquel Kechagias spent most of her childhood reading adventure and fantasy books, while exploring the inner creativity of her mind through her interactions with other children and story-telling. After graduating high school, she entered university to study her Bachelor of Arts where she is majoring in English and Education. She has a deep love for books, chocolate and coffee and loves to write stories about interesting, broken people. She is currently working on the first book in a new series.


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