Flash Fiction by TC Phillips

He knew that fucking mongrel did it. The jury knew it too, but there was little they could do in the face of his highly paid barrister and the investigating detective’s complete ineptitude. That’s what it took to get away with murder in this country, little more than a bleached smile, a bespoke Italian suit and a high price defence team. No doubt the weasely little prick thought he would be celebrating his freedom by snorting the average Australian weekly wage up his nose and cavorting with a bevy of scantily clad women handpicked from the nearest strip club.

Instead he found himself bound, gagged and thrown into the boot of a 2001 model Falcon for a six hour drive out into the middle of nowhere. Michael may not have that prick’s money, but he had a crowbar, a shovel and a lot of anger to exorcise.

As he finally pulled the car over, a familiar chill ran its way up his spine.

“You’re late daddy!” Outside the car, her plump little fists were settled on her hips, and her face was set in a scowl.

That was the way she had always come to him, ever since that night the police came knocking on his door. It was easier for him to remember her as the 8 year old girl who idolised him, rather than the once beautiful young woman whose bruised and battered body he had to identify as it lay on that cold, metal slab.

“I want to play!” She had always been so determined, so set in her ways even at that young age.

Michael reached into the back seat, grabbing the iron crowbar he had left on the backseat.

“Coming sweetie,” he answered as the little girl began bouncing with excitement.


About the author: TC Phillips lives in tropical Central Queensland where he lives with his loving wife, three children, two spoilt cats and an overactive imagination. After embarking on a Masters in Creative Writing and getting some of his own work published by various outlets, he founded Specul8: Central Queensland Journal of Speculative fiction in 2015 and eventually turned it into Specul8 Publishing in 2018. A true fan of all that is weird and wonderful, he enjoys introducing new writers to the world and occasionally putting his own twisted works together as well. His collection of shorter works Tattle Tale and Other Stories is also available from Specul8 publishing, but only because the editor owes him a reluctant favour.

Specul8 Publishing can be found on those damn-fangled interwebs at http://www.cobblestonescribe.com/specul8/ and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Specul8

TC Phillips also occasionally feeds his own ego on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/AuthorTCPhillips

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